Our Services

Software Engineering

Software development. Business logic, APIs, and digital process automation. Enterprise architecture and infrastructure design.

Websites & Hosting

Website design and custom development. Dedicated email and web hosting. Domain name services. Mobile applications.

Managed IT Services

Hardware and software installations and updates. On-call and remote support. Architecture, network, mapping, auditing, compliance.

Data & Control Operations Platform (DCOP)

Big data management, manipulation, ingestion, and storage. Open data access, logging, exploration and visualisation.


IT audits, requirement gathering, roadmaps and project management. Risk assessments. Process documentation and cybersecurity. ISO 90001.

General IT Support

Ongoing and on-call support. Software installation and updates. New office, networking and machine installation and setup. Remote administration management.


Ahead of the curve and cutting-edge prototypes for start-ups, research and development purposes and minimum viable products (MVPs).

Cybersecurity & Data Security

Security audits and strategy. Firewalls, penetration testing, VPNs, encryption and anti-virus. Data storage, backup and recovery.

Project Management

Agile project management. Fix the classical disconnect between the techies and the management. We speak both languages well.