What We Do

Established in 2004. We solve problems. Whether you’re scaling up or down,
small, medium, or enterprise, we can help you.

Software Engineering

Software development. Business logic, APIs, and digital process automation. Enterprise architecture and infrastructure design.

Websites & Hosting

Website design, development and hosting. Ecommerce. AWS-powered backend. Domain name services (DNS). Mobile applications.

IT Project Management

Agile project management. Fix the classical disconnect between the techies and the management. We speak both languages well.

  • Data & Control Operations Platform (DCOP)
  • Big data management, manipulation, ingestion, and storage. Open data access, logging, exploration and visualisation.


    IT audits, requirement gathering, roadmaps and project management. Risk assessments. Process documentation and cybersecurity. ISO 90001.


    Ahead of the curve and cutting-edge prototypes for start-ups, research and development purposes and developing minimum viable products (MVPs).

    Why We're Different

    You have a wide range of interconnected services and needs. We know that.

    Our experience in all areas of IT ensure that we can meet the needs and expectations of our clients. A holistic approach removes any pain points due to miscommunication or lack of collaboration between different staff or contractors.

    Hardware & Technology

    We can handle the office systems, networks, hardware, and software supporting your business in a more traditional managed IT services capability.

    Software & Data

    We excel at developing supporting business software that improves efficiency, automates tasks, and takes your business online, as well as the infrastructure behind it.

    Project Management & Procedures

    We cover IT systems audits and requirements, documenting IT systems, and turning policies and procedures into real and measurable results.

    How We Work

    We've got you covered

    We pride ourselves on being the people that are simply asked to sort something out – and then trusted to. So, let's meet over a coffee, discuss your current state and requirements, and see how we can help one another.

    We Love Lending a Hand

    As a business owner, you need to invest your time and resources where they will deliver the most value. In this increasingly changing landscape, it can be hard to find people that fit where and when you need. That's why we started.

    We've Been There

    We consider flexibility one of our greatest strengths. For two decades we've helped business of all sizes develop, scale, and meet their IT needs. From small business office hardware and software to start-up pre-seed prototypes to enterprise development on established platforms, we've done it all.

    We Prioritise Relationships

    No drama. No hidden costs. No bulls***. Business is about providing value, building solutions, and achieving success. Issues are hurdles to be overcome together.

    We're Flexible

    As your business grows, you need to make that important shift from reactive temporary IT contractors to permanent, proactive roles with people you know have got you covered. That's us.

    We Back You

    Securing the right team and proper IT management as you scale is extremely important in a world where downtime, loss of data or system failures can be catastrophic. We enable you to act “big” by providing you with the same level of expertise and technology support that large companies can employ.

    Contact Us Today.

    If you prefer a phone call or coffee - just note so in the comment section and we'll contact you.

    Partner with us and take advantage of our Data & Control Operations Platform (DCOP).

    We're looking for early partners and solution providers for R&D, prototyping, requirement resolution and growth hacking.