The Nest Learning Thermostat is unlike any thermostat you’ve seen. It’s a slick scroll-wheel hosting an LCD screen. It’s smart and beautifully designed. CNET Editor-in-Chief/Nest reviewer Lindsey Turrentine gave it an enthusiastic five-star review, as do many of the customer reviews on Amazon (check out the Nest Thermostat on Amazon here).

The Nest Learning Thermostat video from Amazon. Click here for a full list of features.

The Nest connects to your home wireless and syncs the necessary information as well as self-updates. Designed by the former chief architect at Apple, you can expect the Nest Learning Thermostat to be intuitive and smooth to use. You twist and glide through the settings, changing temperature and other settings by pressing the unit itself like a button. Viewing the current temperature and setting the desired temperature range is simple to do.

The good
It looks great, plain and simple. Sexy. Stylish. Modern. However you want to put it, this is one of those devices you know has a slick design which really doesn’t feel out-of-place in a modern home.

It’s smart. The main attraction of this device is that it learns your patterns and the temperature you want your home at certain times of the day. If you regularly set your house to 24 degrees Celsius at around 8pm every night as you get comfortable in front of the TV, the Nest will begin to set that temperature on its own. The same applies for early morning. No more waking up and having to adjust temperature while you get ready for work, the Nest has learnt to do that in advance for you. When you leave the house to go to work at your regular time, the Nest switches into ‘Away’ mode to save energy.

The idea here is that you save money on energy bills, and stop having to manually fiddle with the temperature. If a ‘smart’ thermostat isn’t your cup of tea, you can simply schedule all the routines yourself.

It integrates. Nest’s iOS and Androud apps are very informative and can be used to give you a detailed run-down of your everyday energy use. You can turn the device on or off or control the temperature from your smartphone in another room.

The bad
The Nest wiring is all colour coded to match modern (within the last 20 years or so) HVAC systems and installation is supposed to take 15 minutes or so (including the wireless connection to your home network). To avoid any issues though, and if your serious about the device and the money saved long-term, it’s probably best to have the Nest professionally installed for around $119.00 to cover all your bases.

The price. Considering you can get your regular run-of-the-mill thermostat from a local hardware store for $25.00, it can be hard to justify the price tag on the Nest. When you factor in the potential savings and sheer convenience (or novelty factor) of a self-learning thermostat it might just be worth a go.

The bottom line
If you have a little money to burn and want to take your home climate control to the next level (think the coming ‘smart-home’ revolution) then this thermostat might just be what you’re looking for.