Kindle Formats – what files does the Kindle support?
The Kindle supports a large number of existing formats (including the majority you would hope or expect it to), either natively or with conversion. Some of the formats, however, require the use of Kindle-compatible software or hardware.

.AZW: Amazon’s propriety Kindle format
The ‘.AZW’ format is used for the e-books you purchase directly from Amazon’s Kindle Store. It is the preferred Kindle format to ensure maximum readability on your Kindle. It can also read .MOBI (a precursor to .AZW) and Palm device .PRC files.

One of the most common questions asked is ‘do .PDF’s work on the Kindle?’. The answer is yes. It can handle plain text files (.TXT) and Adobe’s .PDF format, although some .PDFs do not display ideally depending on how visually heavy they are.

Audio Formats
The Kindle supports .MP3 music files as well as audio books from Amazon-owned These files are in Audible (AA) and Audible Enhanced (AAX) formats.

Available Through Conversion
Amazon can convert HTML, DOC and graphic files (.JPEG, .GIF, .PNG and .BMP) to a format readable by the device. This typically requires the user to email the file to their email address.

Unsupported Formats
Other e-readers such as the Nook and Noble use the widely supported and open-source EPUB format. The Kindle currently doesn’t support EPUB (or other formats such as LIT and LRF), but there are free programs that can be used to convert all three of these formats into the Kindle-friendly .AZW.

Ultimately, the Kindle supports the majority of popular formats (primarily the .PDF and .MP3) and collections not supported can be easily converted. So why wait, get your Amazon Kindle today!

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